PocketDTM is Atlas Computers new survey data logging package. Using Microsoft Windows CE, it will run on a wide range devices including the Itronix Q200, TDS Recon & Ranger, Compaq Ipaq , Husky fex21 to name but a few.

Based on our popular SCC package, PocketDTM boasts unparalleled ease of use coupled with a depth of functionality found until recently only on high end desk top solutions.

It has been designed around the following criteria;

Ease of use – PocketDTM has been designed to be very easy to use and requires minimal previous survey experience. The number of steps required to complete the measurement has been minimised and the language used though out kept simple. The user interface is based around the world standard Microsoft Windows GUI familiar to most surveyors and engineers. The touch screen makes identification and selection of points much easier than a text based logger.

Best quality solution – While the PocketDTM software is extremely easy to use, it offers a breadth and depth of functionality found only on desktop products until very recently. This includes, but is not limited to the following;

Detail topography with extensive COGO options

Interactive real-time graphics, with zoom, pan, querying, and editing.

Real time triangular surface modeling

Volumetric analysis for stockpiles and pits using complex isopachytes

Setting out / Stake out

Control adjustment by full 3d least squares analysis with printable output report and display of error ellipses.

Spreadsheet access to all data including

Support for multiple feature libraries for different survey applications
Output to SCC, DXF, and MOSS/MX

Links to most popular measurement devices available, including manual and robotic total stations, DGPS and RTK GPS, and laser range finders

Fully featured GPS interface including;

Cost effective – The PocketDTM software runs on a variety of Windows CE and PocketPC devices depending on the price / performance required. PocketDTM software is available in a variety of cost / functionality configurations depending on your needs.

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