SCC – Survey Functionality

Input of survey data and output of setting out to and from most popular data loggers, total stations &.GPS equipment, including Leica 1200/1100, Trimble, Topcon TopoSurv and many more.

Support for automated processing of check surveys

Traverse and network adjustment using Bowditch, Compass rule and least squares methods (variation of coordinates). Plotting of traverse route / network in plan. Export of control observations to STAR*NET and MOVE3. Merge multiple traverses into a single network, and extract sub-traverses from networks. Detailed adjustment reports including Chi squared test, error ellipse details and equivalent linear accuracy,

Support for user definable 7 parameter transformations to easily move between multiple 3d grid systems and supply results in local and national grids, without having to repeat the editing process. Support for moving between ITM, IG, OSGB, and ETRS89 grids using embedded Grid Inquest functionality.

Support for importing data from other legacy systems including LandScape, SDRmap, Panterra, NRG and more.

Support for a wide variety of survey measurements including ;

Support for multiple field survey coding standards across supported loggers including SCC, MOSS/MX, LandScape and SDRmap.

Who uses SCC?