Welcome to Atlas Computers Ltd, developers of Survey Control Centre for Windows.

SCC is a comprehensive geomatics solution for the modern survey office, supporting data collection, reduction, and adjustment, through modelling, point cloud analysis, sections, volumes, design, to drawing production, 3d visualisation, setting out and quality assurance. Available for Windows 10 and 11, SCC can handle the most demanding of jobs including multi-billion point clouds, and TIN models with hundreds of millions of triangles, with a huge range of industry specific tools for rail, roads, power lines, tree surveys, buildings and rivers as well as traditional topographic survey.

Now in its fifteenth major release, SCC blends very advanced tools, such as automated line work extraction from scan data, with superb support for existing survey methods, including tools to allow easy transition from legacy systems such as LandScape, SDRMap, NRG and Panterra, and strong support for accepted industry standards and tools, such as DWG, DGN, LandXML, IFC and Crystal reports. With twenty six years of ongoing development, SCC is the preferred Geomatics tool for major international players as well as smaller indigenous companies.

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Small learning curve

Support for a wide range of existing field practices and tools. Fast, streamlined modelling, analysis, and drawing production.

User friendly

Standard Windows user interface with extensive online help, web and telephone support.


SCC includes direct bi-directional support AutoCAD, Microstation, MX MOSS and LandXML systems with a minimum learning requirement.

Field Productivity

Supports all industry standard field processing systems.

Quality Assurance

SCC includes a wide range of QA procedures to verify the adherence of survey information to specified standards, with direct support for Crystal reports enabling creation of complex user defined reports with rich content such as images, charts, and client logos.

Who uses SCC?