SCC – Volumes

SCC has an extensive range of volume tools for a variety of applications and survey tools.  Click here for an example of spoil heap volumes from UAV.

  • Volume calculation using prismodial (isopach), grid and section methods, between TIN surfaces, point clouds, or TIN surfaces and point clouds

  • Volumes broken down by areas and ground type with rich graphical reporting, automatic creation of single combined or multiple isopach models with export of results to a range of packages such as CAD and Google Earth.  Click here for video.
  • Material volumes by area and depth, with user defined depths, colour schemes, and annotation
  • Spoil heap volumes, for automatic calculation and annotation of multiple heaps or pits in a given model

  • Sectional volumes with cut and fill highlighting, area and volume for each section, and cumulative cut and fill volumes by chainage
  • Volumes by ground type to a given depth or datum
  • Plan and slope areas by ground type, gradient, and contour height
  • Automatic generation of model boundary string from triangulation for volumetric analysis, with a wide range of tools to include or exclude triangles both interactively and automatically







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