SCC – Rivers, drainage and beaches

Click here for a quick video covering SCC river processing.  SCC has the following river, canal, beach and drainage related tools;

  • Automated creation of river cross sections and profiles with multiple outputs

  • Create multiple river cross sections, profiles, and QA reports, all from a single dialog selection
  • Cut & paste structures, pipes, roads and other features from plan onto river cross sections and profiles

  • Automatically develop and annotate water level surfaces on sections from a single point, and silt surfaces from one or more points
  • Query and edit river information in section and / or plan to correct any survey errors
  • Support for creation of sections suitable from export to multiple hydrology systems, including EACSD, ISIS, HECRAS and MIKE-11, without the need to re-process the sections. This includes detection of low bed level point for ISIS centre line and re-orientation of sections where required
  • Automatic creation of river profile including banks, low bed-level, water level and design centre line, showing cross section position and IDs. Additional profile data can be cut & pasted from plane, including support for annotation of pipes with dimensions
  • Report of difference in water level between section and audit of any missing required information by section for QA purposes
  • Overlay river sections on surveyed data in plan / background maps, and annotate with ID, section type and chainage

  • Import data from any survey logger or raw data in MBS river format
  • Output sections with attributes to ESRI ArcInfo shape files
  • Tools to process and output canal surveys for British Waterways MOC software
  • Create natural drainage model showing flow direction, magnitude and sink points for any
    3d surface. Annotation and drawing style for lines and sinks based on number of convergent flow lines
  • Automatically correct position and height over sloping terrain for vehicle mounted GPS
    observations for beach surveying
  • Hydrographic drawing and annotation styles supported for bathymetric contours


Who uses SCC?