SCC – Survey Functionality

  • Input of survey, control, levelling, tunnelling and GIS data and output of setting out, design and models to and from data loggers, total stations, GPS, machine control, & scanners including Leica (DBX, HeXML, SDB and GSI), GeoMax, Trimble (DC, JXL, Geodimeter and SCS900), Amberg (GRP & AR2), GEDO, ScanLaser, Topcon, Sokkia, MDL, Nikon and Pentax
  • Support for multiple field survey coding standards across supported loggers including Captivate, Viva, XPAD, Magnet, PocketDTM, MX, LandScape, NRG, TDS, TopSurv, TSCE and SDRmap
  • Feature wizard, to greatly simplify the process of setting up multiple mapping, annotation, layering and QA standards for different clients
  • Check survey tool to verify the accuracy of a contract survey against a specification using a check survey with user defined tolerances for control, hard and soft detail, and linear and discrete features


  • Comprehensive least squares survey and level network adjustment. Including support for constraints, absolute and relative error ellipses at multiple confidence intervals, chi squared statistical analysis and residuals for both coordinates and observations
  • Blunder detection, analysis and correction
  • Plotting and annotation of traverse route / network in plan. Detailed 2d and 3d customisable reporting via Crystal reports. Export of control observations to STAR*NET and MOVE3
  • User definable 2D and 3D (7 parameter) transformations, to allow you to work in multiple grid systems, without having to re-edit your survey or models. Tools to move data between national and all geodetic grid systems including Irish Grid, ITM, OSGB, UTM, ETRS89 and ED50 using in-built Grid Inquest and PROJ4 based functionality. Optional support for SnakeGrid transformations

Support for a wide variety of survey measurements including ;

Support for multiple field survey coding standards across supported loggers including SCC, MOSS/MX, LandScape and SDRmap.

Who uses SCC?