SCC – Model creation


Extensive graphical editing functionality with ‘on the fly’ model and contour updating and full 3D support across all tools.

Cut and paste 3D elements between models. Cut and copy models to any other OLE compliant program such as Microsoft Office.

True 3d editing in plan, elevation or any arbitary user defined view points
Multiple undo available on all operations
Full bi-directional link to most popular CAD and design packages, including AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, Microstation, MOSS / MX and LandXML

Split screen model editing and review capability, with simultaeneous updates on both view for all edits.

High speed modeling with unparalleled ease of use- Download, reduction, triangulation, contouring and map formation from a single menu option.

Choice of triangulation method, relief shading & contour representation.

Unlimited model size, multi-million point models practical on modern PCs.

Many high level tools to automate common survey processing procedures, including conversion of 2d data with level text back to 3d, extraction of facades and elevations, extractions of complex tree canopy outlines from groups of trees


Who uses SCC?