SCC – Design

The SCC design module includes a wide range of tools for processing road, rail and tunnel data.  Click here for rail tools.  Click here for a youtube playlist of some road related functions.  Design tools available include

  • Import alignments from MX/MOSS, DOER, and LandXML (AutoCAD Civil, InRoads, etc..)
  • Export of geometric information to supported loggers / roading programs.
  • Comprehensive access to design chainage / offset system for modelling and spreadsheet functions, including extraction of sub-models and data sets by chainage / offset range, and bi-directional conversion of chainage, offset, level data to X,Y,Z data



  • Highlight all the areas in a model where specific objects are visible or hidden from the ground or a specific viewer height above the ground.
  • Remove ‘noise’ from scanned data, such as removing cars when processing a scanned road surface
  • Optimize large models and massively reduce their size while preserving accuracy

Who uses SCC?