SCC 14.9.2 update

SCC 14.9.2 update

We are pleased to announce a new minor release of SCC with SCC 14.9.2 which addresses some installation issues being experienced by some users with SCC 14.8.3 as well as some enhancements.

This release is available for immediate download using the links below;

Full install (1.6gb):
Update (244mb):
MSI full (1.6gb):
MSI update (244mb):

Please note running these installations requires administrator privileges to properly install all components and that all components (SCC, Faro SDK, Trimble Link Engine, HASP driver and VS service packs) must all be installed for the installation to work.  SCC r14 is currently supported on 64-bit versions of Windows 11 or 10

This release contains the following modifications from SCC 14.8.3;

  • Addition of Vulkan SDK installer for out of date graphics drivers
  • Greatly improved performance on huge point clouds (i.e. multi-billion points) for ground classification, street furniture extraction and polygon selection
  • Addition support for flat images from static Riegl scanners
  • Options to specify point search distance and point cloud display depth when working with Riegl flat images
  • Support for import and reduction of Z+F trajectory files
  • Updated EV code signing certificate for increased security and removal of Windows security warnings on installation

We recommend applying this update if you have installed SCC 14.8.3 or later

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